The Institute


While the age that defined Traditional Medicine as alternative is over, we are driving forward towards an inclusive integrated Medicine.

Traditional Medicine and the Paracelso Institute

Traditional medicine is a legacy of mankind, whose contents have been selected, sedimented and distilled in the course of millenniums across a wide variety of territories, ethnic groups and cultures…

The activities

The scope of activities developed by the Institute spreads in several directions that are complementary and integrated: investigation and study, scientific research, coordination of clinical activity…

The future of traditional medicine

Tentatively outlined on many sides, and not fully developed yet, a new concept of health is maybe the most innovative element where traditional medicine plays a major role...

Educational Packages

The Paracelso Institute takes particular care in organizing, and providing assistance and consultation for seminars, study courses and refresher courses in traditional medicine.

Istituto Paracelso – Centre for non-conventional medicine


Three year course
Istituto Paracelso – Centre for non-conventional medicine

Acupuncture & fitotherapy

Istituto Paracelso – Centre for non-conventional medicine


Three year course


News, information, activities and events of non-conventional medicines

WHO WE ARE The Paracelso Institute

The Paracelso Institute, Italian Centre for non-conventional medicines, acknowledged as an NPO by the Act D.M. 15/4/96 of the Italian Health Ministry, is a scientific and cultural not-for-profit organization whose scope is elevating the concept of health by acting essentially in the field of traditional medicine.

On the basis of a wide ambitious program whose fundamental pivot has always been the group communion and cooperation, a considerable bulk of work has been made in over 50 years in the fields of study, research, dissemination and clinical application of important and by now qualified branches of traditional medicine.